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Agile Adjustment

Agile Adjustment is a change management and visioning tool that helps you get fit for tomorrow. Most change management tool help you identify your weaknesses and by addressing them you improve your overall performance. That helps you to be fit for today - agile adjustment helps you to be fit for tomorrow. We use a tool developed in the automotive and aerospace industries but honed to be suitable in SMEs as well as larger organisations - its called 6D.


We look to improve those things that we already do well. Think of about sport for a moment. A cricketer who wants to represent their country must identify their strengths and practice to excel in that area. A bowler needs to perfect their delivery, it does not matter that they are not good at batting - they are not in the team to bat, they are there to bowl and get the opposition out. So too in business identify those things where you have the neccessary skills and abilities and seek to excel - those are also likely to be things where you are best placed to add value and thay are also the things that bring the most satisfaction and reward, so it's a win/win.


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Simply Lean



"Lean management is complex time consuming and needs lots of expensive consultant hours" - Wrong!

It's because we hear comments like that that Arrowhead have introduced Simply Lean. Its a simple and straight forward way of introducing Lean management principles into your business. And once we've shown you how to do it we leave you with the tools to do it yourselves next time! Of course if you want us to come back we are delighted to do so.


We use continuous or sustainable improvements - its a crude translation of the Japanese word "Kaizen" which means change for the better - now that's something we can all use work towards - it's also simple to understand. So forget complex and expensive and talk to Arrowhead about Simply Lean - click here to contact us

What people say about Arrowhead


When I wanted a business plan for the bank Arrowhead were most hepful, explaining everything simply so I was confindent with the result

Julie Grinnell - CTC Tewkesbury


Arrowhead supplied excellent training to our learners

LeRoy Edwards ACETS Nottingham


We worked with Richard who added multi-disciplinary skills to a project we were working on. Was happy to lend his strength in every area that was necessary, he was clear on the scope and limit of his skills; whilst being willing to work outside of them.

Richard is skilled and diligent, with particular skills to offer, but also a good all-rounder who would be an asset to any project or piece of work.

David Hammond - Pioneer Missioner - St. Saviour's Church Nottingham



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