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Building Blocks for Business

Building Blocks for Business is a no nonsense programme to help you set up and develop your business.


In the UK 1 in 3 new businesses fail - don't be one of them. The reason why new business fail are varied but include -


  • Cash flow problems
  • Lack of finance
  • Poor marketing
  • Poor choice of location
  • Poor business planning
  • Failure to embrace new technologies and new developments
  • Poor management
  • Poor human resource relations
  • Lack of clear objectives


Building Blocks for business addresses all these issues and more. What is more all our consultants have set up their own successful business, so they know what they are talking about.


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What people say about Arrowehead


When I wanted a business plan for the bank Arrowhead were most hepful, explaining everything simply so I was confident with the result

Julie Grinnell - CTC Tewkesbury


Arrowhead supplied excellent training to our learners

LeRoy Edwards ACETS Nottingham


We worked with Richard who added multi-disciplinary skills to a project we were working on. Was happy to lend his strength in every area that was necessary, he was clear on the scope and limit of his skills; whilst being willing to work outside of them.

Richard is skilled and diligent, with particular skills to offer, but also a good all-rounder who would be an asset to any project or piece of work.

David Hammond - Pioneer Missioner - St. Saviour's Church Nottingham




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